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Designed to simplify online sales and ads

Chat Transact is an A.I.-powered communication platform that not only simplifies the messaging experience, but also offers a simple way to automate sales within the chat experience.

One of our core goals is to make it easy to get started with marketing automation, so a business can focus on their core business. We have a tool that helps you take the guesswork out on how to grow your business by automating your sales funnels and sales communication based on a specific brand or product. Businesses like you can automate sales, increase sales by one-third, and expand reach over 100% with Chat Transact A.I powered solution.

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    Customer-friendly chat-bot

    Get a chatbot to take your customer from “Hi! How can I help you?” to “Thanks for buying. Please, come again”

    A.I-assisted ad suggestions

    Chat Transact suggests digital ads based on data gathered from Google and Meta that look great and get results. Schedule them in a snap, then sit back and watch them work.

    Simplified analytics

    Receive weekly performance reports directly to your email.

    Inventory Management

    Conveniently manage products, customer orders, and update deliveries all from within your browser.

    Secure Payments

    Accept and confirm secure payments from your customers immediately. 

    Unified Chat Experience

    View all chats running on various platforms at once on the messages section. Watch our chatbot handle your customers from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp and close sales for your business like a pro. 

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